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Violent charm

I found this animation to be quite good. The violence in it was well done and the traditional animated pieces were perfect. The only issue I find is the design, it's a design choice you've made rather than a design flaw obviously, it's just I find it too basic. Regardless of everything else though, well presented, look forwards to Mr. Broose 2.

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the positive remarks.




i give you a five if you tell me were you got that command and conquer music, unless you recorded it from the tv. Any way, those graphics of the planes looked alittle too good, i think you traced them. The idea was alright, but i was hoping to see a dog fight or soemthing,.

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A legend among the games on NG

I have to say that this is going straight into my favorites, I've played a game similar to this which was based around stealth but it never really sufficed, this game however filled in the blanks and spiced it up really well! I love the low down thing, not a crappy top down view like many other games, it shows off excelent graphics and the profession in how you've created this game. The short cut scene at the beginning was good too, it added to the effect of the game, rather than a lot of others that throw you straight into it. I also gave humor a rating because of the overflow of blood that came from the prisoner being beaten, the amount just seemed to make me giggle for an unknown reason.

Tops dude! All my five are belong to this! A second coming would be good too, perhaps modern set with a criminal escaping from some maximum security prison.

Two thumbs up ;)

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks... yeah we'll make another sometime next year.

awesome to the max

This game is one of the best puzzles i've ever played, havn't finished it yet, up to the 18th level. hopefully theres only 20 levels.


so much fun i played it through twice, though i score sounds low because the music wasnt all good a choice for the game and you need those cool wizzing and doing sounds everytime you hit a block or something.
never the less this is definitely going to make it onto NG, good work.

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